The State Council approved the construction of four nuclear power units to improve energy structure


 Paris climate conference has just ended soon, China's initiative to accelerate the transformation of green low-carbon energy development.

December 16th, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, decided to approve a number of hydropower nuclear power and other clean energy projects, to promote structural adjustment to the green development. Analysts pointed out that hydropower is the cheapest one of the clean energy, nuclear power is one of the most efficient clean energy, both in pollution control, the adjustment of economic structure, to deal with the price impact have an important role, and long construction period, stimulating investment in equipment and in line with the characteristics of the current Chinese with electric current situation and economic situation.
Yesterday, the State Council approved the construction of hydropower project is the Jinsha River Wudongde Hydropower Station, nuclear power project is Guangxi Fangchenggang red sand nuclear power of the second phase of the project, Hualong a third generation nuclear power technology demonstration units and Jiangsu Lianyungang Tianwan nuclear power plant expansion project.
Among them, two nuclear power projects including Fangchenggang 3, No. 4 and No. 6, 5 Tianwan four units. According to plan, these two projects will be started before the end of 12 2015. However, experts Zhengbao reporter analysis, due to Tianwan Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province has a winter, cold weather, permafrost affected construction, taking into account the economy started, is expected to started during the year is difficult.
Fangchenggang is CGN Hualong one demonstration projects, with independent intellectual property rights of the third generation million kilowatt class nuclear power technology, is "Hualong," UK project reference station, the project started to "go out" is of great significance. Tianwan units 5 and 6 is an important project of CNNC "Twelfth Five Year" development planning, as early as in 2011 completed preparatory, affected by the nuclear accident in Fukushima delay 4 years old, the acp1000 technology.
In addition, Zhengbao reporter also from the industry learned, Hualong a Fujian Fuqing unit 6 will also be before the end of the month started, Shandong Rongcheng Shidao Bay of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project cap1400 major projects has been fully equipped with the construction conditions, December 8 - 10 held a project approved assessment, or will be in the final approval, and to be around March next year to start the construction.
Analysis of the personage inside course of study, stepping up the approval of nuclear power unit was started in order to ensure the completion of nuclear power "45" planning objectives to 2020 in the operation of nuclear power installed capacity of 58 million kilowatts, in the construction of 30 million kilowatts.
Earlier, the community on nuclear power and other large power plant safety and construction of the necessity of some controversy, said the power surplus, why not stop on the Ma Xin project." In the first three quarters of this year, the demand for electricity in the whole society increased by only 0.8%. 2015, the average utilization hours of thermal power equipment is expected to only about 4300 hours, down about 400 hours.
NDRC Energy Research Institute researcher Zhou Dadi Zhengbao reporter interview said that 45 period, energy demand will not be like the past remained around 10% or 8% of high-speed growth, pressure of air pollution control, response to global climate change must be low carbon development pressure on the rise. Therefore, greater pressure on the transformation of energy structure, increase the proportion of clean energy, improve the energy efficiency of the system, once the total energy demand will decline. "Must reduce the use of coal, oil and other carbon containing high energy, and actively develop alternative energy sources, energy systems should be integrated as a whole." He said.
In order to achieve the "Paris agreement" commitment, China's "national autonomy" has been proposed in 2030 to reach a peak of carbon dioxide emissions. Just last week, the State Council called for the full implementation of ultra low emission and energy saving transformation of coal-fired power plants.
Yesterday to have been included in national planning, with construction conditions of some projects to be approved, the State Council said to speed up the construction of hydropower, nuclear power and other clean energy infrastructure, stable economic growth, optimizing energy structure, improving people's livelihood of green development an important measure, to promote energy-saving emission reduction and pollution prevention, increase public products supply and effective demand for investment, promote the upgrading of China's equipment quality and competitiveness, is of great significance.
At the same time, the State Council requirements for nuclear power projects to adhere to high standards and strict requirements to ensure safety.

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