High efficiency motor is the future development direction of the motor industry


 Recently, in order to break through the key technologies, integration and promote manufacturing, collaborative innovation and development as the theme of China manufacturing 2025 high-end equipment manufacturing and industrial application Collaborative Innovation Summit held in Beijing. Leaders from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national energy board and other departments, as well as the national industrial users and industry representatives attended. Forum, China Electric Industry Association Development and Consulting Director Wang Kun made the title of "China's manufacturing 2015: China's motor industry development status quo analysis and development direction" of the keynote speech.

Wang Kun said that China's motor system and motor and drag equipment operating efficiency and foreign advanced technology difference of 20%. At this stage, the development of China's motor manufacturing industry is also facing a grim situation.
"We must summarize the experience and lessons of the development of industrialization in various countries, and take a new path of industrialization with low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and cleaner production technology." Wang Kun frankly, China's large power consumption, the electric motor is the terminal equipment, if the motor energy efficiency increase of 10%, which is considerable.
The future trend of development of the motor industry, we must walk the road, and the development of green, Wang Kun analysis said, compared with the developed countries, at the present stage of China's coal for power proportion is still relatively low, only accounts for 50%, coal into electricity, both to solve the energy shortage problem, but also solve the problem of environmental pollution. But the final link of the whole system project is to improve the energy efficiency of the motor system, that is to say, we must use the high efficiency motor.
Since 2013, Ministry of industry and information technology and General Administration of quality supervision, inspection around the motor of the production, use, recycling and remanufacturing key environment, strengthen policy guidance, released the national motor efficiency promotion plan ", produced many techniques, case, policy and other materials compilation, in the country to carry out large-scale training; at the same time, to strengthen the standard guide and restraint. In view of the problems existing in the past industry, of permanent magnet synchronous motor energy efficiency limit value, high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motor energy efficiency limit value, formulated the national mandatory standards and backward motor equipment out of the directory; in addition, the Ministry also organized to carry out special inspections, supervise the elimination of inefficient backward motor, for industrial enterprises to use inefficient backward motor to carry out special supervision.
After two years of effort, the cumulative national promotion of efficient motors, out of inefficient motors system, energy saving of about 4000 kilowatts, especially high efficiency motor market share increased from 3% to 12%.
Technology innovation and product development of China's motor industry, can not be separated from the development needs of the application of the industry. Information and Research Institute vice president Shi Yong said that collaborative innovation, technical support and advice to improve, is to promote the new technology, new products from research, test, trial manufacture and setting to the scale of production, the realization of China's manufacturing to China to create a leap in the development of an important guarantee for.
In fact, the Chinese government in promoting the efficiency of the motor at the same time, in the motor energy efficiency promotion program implementation process also has some problems that can not be ignored.
Wang Kun told reporters that the transformation of the electric motor is not strong. Most of the area is the efficient motor to replace inefficient motors, and no for different industries and enterprises, different regions of system according to the research, and the optimized energy-saving diagnosis and motor system cannot update the effective business model. In addition, the industrial technology innovation lags behind. The technical level of the motor industry is restricted, and it also restricts the promotion and popularization of the system.
Wang Kun bluntly, at this stage, the motor industry, energy efficiency standards still exist. Some enterprises have labeling not in a specified time to complete the record, not in accordance with the record production status, even in the elimination of inefficient motors, affixed with the identity of the new energy efficiency standards, individual enterprises to use energy efficiency labeling of the expired or deliberately inefficient motors, such as frequency conversion motor signs as a cover, to avoid motor efficiency eliminated.
In addition, the company's product identification record is also a problem. Wang Kun said, small and micro enterprises filing rate is low, some enterprise policy to master not allowed in small three asynchronous motor energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency grade national mandatory standards for the implementation of the product is not in accordance with the standards for the record.
Wang Kun suggested that the energy efficiency of the motor work, the government should continue to play the role of standard guide and supervision. Under the guidance of the relevant national policies, improve the standard formulation, with the standard guide, to increase the pressure on enterprises, strengthen supervision, to provide a good market environment for motor system energy efficiency.

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